Technology and Social Behavior
Speaker Series, 2017-2018
Northwestern University
TSB Joint PhD in Computer Science and Communication


Upcoming Talks:

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title (click for abstract) Location
May 31 2018 4:00pm Jacob O. Wobbrock University of Washington TBD TBD

Previous Talks:

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title (click for abstract) Location
Feb 8 2018 4:00pm Malte Jung Cornell University Robots and the Dynamics of Emotions in Work-Teams Frances Searle 1-483
Jan 25 2018 4:00pm Sarita Schoenebeck University of Michigan Responding to Harassing Behaviors on Social Media Sites Frances Searle 1-483
Nov 2 2017 4:00pm Jessica Hullman University of Washington Enhancing Interpretations of Visualized Data Through Prediction-Oriented Interaction Frances Searle 1-483
Oct 19 2017 4:00pm Susan Wyche Michigan State University Exploring Mobile Phone Use and Alternative Approaches to Design in Rural Kenya Frances Searle 1-483
Apr 13 2017 4:00pm Tawanna Dillahunt University of Michigan Challenges and Opportunities for Real-time Ridesharing Services to Address Unemployment Barriers Among Low-resourced Populations Frances Searle 1-483
Jan 27 2017 12:00pm Gillian Hayes University of California Irvine Children, Communications and Media: Opportunities and Challenges Frances Searle 1-483
Jan 20 2017 12:00pm Nicholas Diakopoulos University of Maryland Algorithmic Accountability and Transparency in the News Media Frances Searle 1-483
Nov 10 2016 4:00pm Jed Brubaker University of Colorado Boulder Death,Identity and the Social Network Frances Searle 3-417

May 19 2016 4:00pm Aaron Halfaker Wikimedia Engineering open production efficiency at scale Frances Searle 1-421

Mar 17 2016 4:00pm David Ayman Shamma Yahoo! Understanding People, Multimedia, and Human-in-the-loop AI Systems. Frances Searle 3-417

Feb 4 2016 4:00pm Katie Siek Indiana University If You Build it Frances Searle 1-483

Jan 20 2016 12:00pm Brent Hecht University of Minnesota What’s Not on The Map (and What That Means for Intelligent Technologies) Frances Searle 1-483

Oct 29 2015 4:00pm Jaime Teevan Microsoft Research Slow Search: Improving Information Retrieval Using Human Assistance Frances Searle 1-441

May 21 2015 4:00pm Brian Magerko Georgia Tech Teaching Computer Science Principles through Computational Music Remixing Frances Searle 1-421

Nov 20 2014 4:00pm Aleksandra Sarcevic Drexel University TRUBoard: A Display System for Improving Team Situation Awareness during Time-Critical Medical Events Frances Searle 3-417

Nov 6 2014 4:00pm Judd Antin Facebook UX, Big Data, and Collective Action on Facebook Frances Searle 3-417

Oct 22 2014 4:00pm Maneesh Agrawala UC Berkeley Storytelling Tools Frances Searle 1-483

May 29 2014 4:00pm Carl Gutwin University of Saskatchewan Ten Thousand Things: Improving Expertise in User Interfaces with Spatial Memory Frances Searle 2-107

Apr 24 2014 4:00pm Jeffrey P. Bigham Carnegie Mellon University Crowd Agents: Creating Intelligent Interactive Systems from the Top Down Frances Searle 2-107

Mar 20 2014 4:00pm Jeffrey Heer University of Washington Interactive Data Analysis Frances Searle 1-483

Feb 27 2014 4:00pm Loren Terveen University of Minnesota Study, Build, Learn, Repeat: Reflections on the GroupLens Approach to Social Computing Frances Searle 1-441

Jan 23 2014 4:00pm Meredith Ringel Morris Microsoft Research Socially Embedded Search Engines Frances Searle 3-417

Dec 12 2013 4:00pm Thomas W. Malone MIT Collective Intelligence: What is it? How can we measure it? And how can we increase it? Frances Searle 1-483

Nov 21 2013 4:00pm Kate Starbird University of Washington Crowds, Crisis and Convergence: Crowdsourcing in the Context of Disasters Frances Searle 2-407

May 16 2013 4:00pm Charlotte Lee University of Washington Developing Cyberinfrastructures: Data-Centric Virtual Organizations and Scientific Innovation Frances Searle 1-483

Mar 14 2013 4:00pm Cliff Lampe University of Michigan Mobilizing Support in Facebook Frances Searle 1-421

Feb 21 2013 4:00pm Gillian Hayes University of California, Irvine Designing for and with Vulnerable Populations Frances Searle 1-421

Jan 24 2013 4:00pm Judith Donath Harvard Law School – Berkman Center Pseudonyms and Portraits: Constructing Identity Online Frances Searle 1-421

Dec 13 2012 4:00pm Eric Gilbert Georgia Institute of Technology Designing Social Computing Systems around Relationships Frances Searle 2-107

Nov 15 2012 4:00pm Daniel Russell Google What does it Mean to be Literate in the Age of Google? Frances Searle 3-417

Apr 7 2011 4:00pm Joseph A. Konstan University of Minnesota Help is Out There: Online Community, Community Artifacts, and a New Way of Harnessing Knowledge Frances Searle 2-115

Mar 31 2011 4:00pm Susan T. Dumais Microsoft Research Temporal Dynamics and Information Retrieval Frances Searle 2-115

Feb 24 2011 4:00pm Dan Cosley Cornell University Systems for supporting self-awareness through reflecting on social media Frances Searle 2-407

Jan 20 2011 4:00pm Eytan Adar University of Michigan Inference on the Social Web: Tales of Translating Wikipedia and Bad Vision Frances Searle 2-407

Nov 18 2010 4:00pm Leysia Palen University of Colorado, Boulder Crisis Informatics Frances Searle 2-115

Oct 21 2010 4:00pm David Millen IBM Research Social Computing in the Global Workplace: Connecting People and Connecting Work Frances Searle 2-115

May 13 2010 4:00pm Jenna Burrell UC Berkeley Evaluating Shared Access: Social Equality and the Circulation of Mobile Phones in Rural Uganda Frances Searle 1-421

Apr 29 2010 4:00pm Matthew Kam Carnegie Mellon University MILLEE: Mobile and Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies Frances Searle 1-421

Mar 11 2010 4:00pm Elizabeth Churchill Yahoo! Research Content, action and meaning: Why it is time to rethink the word 'social' as we Buzz through FlickTwitFaceSpace Frances Searle 1-421

Feb 18 2010 4:00pm Fernanda Viégas IBM Research Visualizing the Inner Lives of Texts Frances Searle 1-421

Jan 21 2010 4:00pm Pamela Hinds Stanford University Situated Knowing Who: Why Site Visits Matter in Global Work Tech LR2

Dec 10 2009 4:00pm Cynthia Breazeal MIT Media Lab Robots as Social Learners Ford 1.350 (ITW)

Nov 12 2009 4:00pm Shinobu Kitayama University of Michigan The Social Self and the Social Brain: A Perspective of Cultural Neuroscience Frances Searle 1-421

Oct 29 2009 4:00pm Dan Jurafsky Stanford University It's Not You, it's Me: Automatically Extracting Social Meaning from Speed Dates Frances Searle 1-421

Oct 27 2009 12:00pm Barbara Rogoff UC Santa Cruz Cultural Aspects of Learning: Observation, Collaboration, and Multimodal Conversation Frances Searle 1-483

May 21 2009 4:00pm Judy Olson University of California, Irvine Distance Collaboration: What makes it successful? Frances Searle 2-370

Mar 5 2009 4:00pm Brian Scassellati Yale University Social Robots and Human Social Development Frances Searle 1-483

Feb 26 2009 4:00pm Pierre Dillenbourg EPFL Two Facets of Collaboration Technologies: Dual Eye Tracking and Interactive Furniture Frances Searle 1-483

Jan 15 2009 4:00pm Michael Schober The New School Being Copresent with Virtual Partners Frances Searle 1-483

Nov 13 2008 4:00pm Michael Tanenhaus University of Rochester Eye Movements and Spoken Language Comprehension: From Speech Perception to Interactive Conversation Frances Searle 1-421

Oct 23 2008 4:00pm Gloria Mark University of California, Irvine Multi-tasking in the Workplace: Tasks, Information, and Interaction Contexts Frances Searle 1-421

Sep 25 2008 4:00pm Jonathan Grudin Microsoft Enterprise Uses of Emerging Technologies Frances Searle 1-421

May 15 2008 4:00pm Wendy Kellogg IBM Ten Years of Social Computing at IBM Frances Searle 1-483

Apr 17 2008 4:00pm Rosalind Picard MIT Emotional Intelligence Technology and Autism Frances Searle 1-483

Feb 28 2008 12:00pm Sara Kiesler CMU Collaborating with Robots: A Peek into the Future of Human Robot Interaction Ford ITW

Feb 7 2008 4:00pm Luis von Ahn Carnegie Mellon University Human Computation Ford ITW

Jan 10 2008 4:00pm Steve Whittaker University of Sheffield Digital Memories: Do We Need Them? Ford ITW

Dec 7 2007 12:30pm Marilyn Walker University of Sheffield Generating Language with Personality for Dialogue Systems Frances Searle 2-407

Nov 8 2007 4:00pm Paul Dourish UC Irvine The Accountability of Presence: Location Tracking beyond Privacy Room 1-441, Frances Searle Building

Oct 4 2007 4:00pm Edwin Hutchins UCSD The multimodal production of common ground understandings Room 1-421, Frances Searle Building

May 3 2007 4:00pm Ramesh Srinivasan UCLA Cross-cultural discourses and digital systems - Reciprocal Interactions (co-hosted with MTS) Frances Searle Building, Rm. 1-483

Apr 26 2007 4:00pm Timothy Lenoir Duke University Biointerface: contemplating the singularity (co-hosted with MTS) Frances Searle Building, Rm. 1-483

Apr  5 2007 4:00pm Susan Brennan S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook See Where I'm Looking: Monitoring a Partner's Eyegaze During Collaboration on Time-Critical Tasks Frances Searle Building, Rm. 1-483

Mar 1 2007 4:00pm Donna Haraway UCSC When Species Meet: Cyborgs and Dogs in Entangled NatureCultures McCormick Tribune Center Forum Room

Feb 8 2007 4:00pm Sotaro Kita University of Birmingham Gesture and Culture Frances Searle Building, Rm. 1-421

Nov 17 2006 12:00pm Jonathan Gratch USC Emotions in Human-Agent Interactions Frances Searle Building, Rm. 2-115

Oct 12 2006 4:00pm Gregory D. Abowd Georgia Tech Hold that Thought! Why I care about automating the capture of everyday activities. Frances Searle Building, Rm. 1-421

Sep 28 2006 4:00pm Brenda Laurel California College of the Arts Innovation and Creativity in Design Research Frances Searle Building, Rm. 1-421

May 18 2006 4:00pm Batya Friedman University of Washington Privacy By Design

Apr 14 2006 12:00pm Sarah Igo U. Penn Statistical Publics: Mid-Twentieth- Century Surveys and their Subjects

Mar 31 2006 12:00pm Linda Jackson Michigan State Home Internet Use in Low-income Families: Antecedents, Consequences and Research-in-Progress

Feb 16 2006 4:00pm David Mindell MIT Digital Apollo: Human and Machine in the First Six Lunar Landings

Jan 13 2006 4:00pm Robert Kraut CMU Success in online groups

Dec 2 2005 12:00pm Anne Holohan University of Trento The Knights Who Say 'Ni': How Teamwork and Forums Facilitate Online Collaboration

Nov 10 2005 4:00pm Jeremy Bailenson Stanford Transformed Social Interaction in Immersive Virtual Reality

Oct 31 2005 4:00pm Bruno Latour Sciences Po Group Reading/Seminar - Nature at the Cross-Road: The Bifurcation of Nature and Its End
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Oct 28 2005 4:00pm Bruno Latour Sciences Po Making Things Public

Please view this film online before attending the talk:

May 13 2005 4:00pm Henry Jenkins
(co-sponsored with Screen Cultures)
MIT Searching for the Origami Unicorn: The Matrix, Transmedia Storytelling, and Convergence Culture

Apr 29 2005 12:00pm Fred Turner Stanford How Counterculture Became Cyberculture: Revisiting the WELL and the Origins of Virtual Community

Mar 3 2005 4:00pm Amy Bruckman Georgia Tech Social Balance: Designing Information Technology to Foster New Social Structures and Patterns of Human Relationships

Feb 18 2005 4:00pm Warren Sack UC Santa Cruz Public Space, Public Discussion and Social Computing

Jan 20 2005 4:00pm Paul Resnick U Michigan Motivating Contributions to Online Communities

Nov 5 2004 4:15pm James Pennebaker U Texas How the Words We Use Reflect Who We Are

Oct 21 2004 4:15pm Jeff Hancock Cornell Digital Deception: When, Where & How People Lie Online

Oct 7 2004 4:15pm Genevieve Bell Intel 4 god so luvd da world: An Ethnographic Look at the Uneasy Mixing of Religion and Technology